December 20, 2008


DH is currently working his way through C.S. Lewis' The Space Trilogy. I've determined that this series is a love or hate series, because while I had a hard time enjoying the series, DH can't seem to read the series fast enough. He has read the first two books in the series so far, and he wanted to see if the library had the third book. I made the call to our local library, and the librarian -
didn't know who C. S. Lewis was -
I had to tell her the name 3 times, finally resorting to "you know, the guy who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia?" she still didn't know who I was talking about.
Sigh. You would think that a librarian would be well-read or at least knowledgeable.


  1. I've got a copy you can borrow!

    Oh, wait...Josh is dragging his way through it right now. ;-)


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