December 3, 2008

A One-Act Play

The scene: living room. Mommy is sitting at the computer enjoying some "me" time. BB is in the adjacent bedroom for a nap. The room is quiet except for the clicking of the mouse. Faint play sounds can be heard from off stage, presumably from BB who is playing in his room instead of napping.
BB (still offstage in the adjacent room): "Kiss. Kiss, Mommy. Mommy! Mommy? Kiss. Kisskisskisskiss..."
this proceeds in a similar manner for several minutes.
Mommy gets up from the computer and walks towards the door of BB's room. She stops to place her ear near the door to listen. BB can now more clearly be heard
BB: "Kiss, Mommy. Mommy, kiss. Kisskisskiss..."
Mommy smiles to herself and opens the door to BB's room. BB is seen playing with his cars near the doorway. Mommy bends down towards BB to give him a kiss. BB leaps up off of the floor and runs out of his bedroom door. Mommy straightens up and turns around in time to see BB turn on the TV and sit down in his chair, still unkissed by Mommy.
End scene


  1. Ah, kids. Life with them is always interesting.

    I love the new blog look BTW :)


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