December 10, 2008

Grocery List

The "other Heather" is doing a blog carnival (of sorts) with grocery lists. I am a nosy person by nature, although I don't think I have the same love of lists that she has :) Here is my list for the week:

organic 2% milk (for BB)
soy milk (for DH and I, who are lactose intolerant)
butter (for the popcorn)
popcorn (for the butter ;) but also for A Charlie Brown Christmas)
canned pumpkin (for this - yummy!)
chocolate chips (see above)
sandwich bread
Cheerios (GM cereal on sale at Kroger, and I have coupons that make the name-brand cheaper than generic - score!)
multi-grain crackers (BB inhales these!)
Chicken Noodle Soup (Progresso on sale at Kroger this week and I have coupons!)
2 mini sourdough bread loaves (for bread bowls for above soup)

If you're wondering where the dinner-making items are, I'm trying to empty out the freezer in anticipation of Christmas baking and meals. This plan for the week really is working well for me, as I've come down with a cold :(

1 comment:

  1. Well, I do hope you feel better soon! I assume that "sandwich bread" is bread for sandwiches, but I loved the way that you worded it.

    I love sourdough bread too, oh my goodness! And we love popcorn too!


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