December 19, 2008

7 Quick Takes

I'm playing along with Jennifer at "Conversion Diary" (formerly, "Et, tu?") today with her 7 Quick Takes Friday. Click on the above link to see more.

1. There are currently 4 secular radio stations that have been playing Christmas music 24/7 since Thanksgiving. I've yet to hear any Christmas music on any of the Christian radio stations. What gives?
2. I love Snoopy and each year I try to find Snoopy Christmas things for BB's room. I saw the perfect stocking at Target this year that has Snoopy on his decorated doghouse, straight out of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." There's just one problem - the stocking says "Happy Holidays." Since when does a CHRISTMAS stocking have to be politically correct? I'm pretty sure the Christmas part is part of the stocking's name, so why change it? If I were buying Christmas stockings, wouldn't it be a given that I would also be celebrating Christmas?
3. After making several hundred Christmas cookies yesterday (not an exaggeration; I made a little over 500), I have determined that I like the idea of Christmas baking, but not the doing of the Christmas baking.
4. I'm a tad bit envious of Jennifer's Yaya coming to handle potty training. I would so pay someone to come potty train my kid, and she has a MIL coming to do it for free. Not fair. Am I a bad mom for thinking that diapers are way easier to handle than a toddler and public restrooms? I honestly have tried to potty train, but I'm tempted to quit after 3 failed attempts. It's not like he's going to graduate high school wearing diapers - right?
5. BB has gotten into the bad habit of walking around saying, "let's work together." Clearly, I've allowed him to watch too much PBS.
6. I get really irritated when I hear people who are "biggest fans" of a book series, when they are really fans of the movies made from the book series. If you've only seen the movies and you haven't read the books, you're not really a fan. Just say you like the movies.
7. Boortz's use of the phrase "celebutards" came up in conversation yesterday with DH and I. DH thinks it's hillarious, I'm pretty sure that it's an insult to retarded people to put them in the same group with Paris Hilton and the like (and yes, I know they don't really want to be called retarded, I wouldn't really call them that). What do you think? Accurate or insulting?


  1. That's too funny about the Christmas stocking saying Happy Holidays. Eventually people will get so politically correct that decorations won't say anything at all! People will simply smile at each other during the "holiday" season for fear of saying anything too Christmasy.

  2. Thanks for sharing your quick takes! I enjoyed them.

    You're right--he won't be wearing diapers to high school and yes, using diapers on a toddler is much easier than public restrooms or than scrambling to find a restroom in a park! I've done this a few times! :)

    Good luck!

  3. Enjoyed your Quick Takes. As for Happy Holiday stockings, that kind of stuff is really getting out of hand ..
    #5 cracks me up too

  4. Hi Heather- Loved your Quick Takes. I have to say that #6 is also a pet peeve for my oldest daughter and I. And yes, diapers are definitely easier than finding every public restroom when potty training. Or at least that is the way I remember it since it was a LONG time ago that I had kids in diapers.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. And I do have the washable pads-but I soak right through them! I'm a milk machine. :)

    Good example of people who are fans of a movie and haven't read the book is "The Notebook." Great movie but the book is a million times better. I read the book first and when I saw the movie I was really disappointed. None of my friends could understand because they "were big fans" of the movie. Yet they never read the story! It drove me mad.

  6. #4 Right! As long as he doesn't get into a situation where the other kids are going to torment him for still being in diapers, you should be okay.

    #7 Accurate. I call guitar players in the bands I'm in "guitards". They take too long between songs and never realize their volume levels are much to high. (Wake up, man!) Who is Paris Hilton?


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