October 10, 2008

All by Myself: #196

I took this picture a while back of BB and I meant to blog about it, but I forgot. I'm sure none of you ever have pictures that get lost in memory card limbo, right? BB picked the clothes for this outfit; he did a great job of color coordinating, but we're clearly going to have to work on limiting patterns...


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  2. Ha! I love his outfit. With the bad guy's vision obstruction, I assume we can rest safely without fear of his villainous plans. BB did have an advantage in picking out his clothes, as nearly all of his clothes are red and blue.

  3. (this is the post I deleted above)

    If BB consciously chose that color scheme, he's definitely got an amazing eye. Well, with the possible exception of the camouflage shoes. ;-) Don't you love it when kids begin to choose their own clothes?

    Daniel's self-chosen outfits nowadays are not near so aesthetically pleasing. In fact, they're absolutely bizarre lately, but that's because of his current obsession with costumes, superheroes, and supervillains.

    Here's a (blurry) picture I snapped on my phone of his outfit. His clothes were already on as his normal outfit; all he needed was to accessorize a bit. He emerged from his room with the announcement that he was "a bad guy", playing against type (he's usually only good guys).

    Yes, that's his Lightning McQueen crocs on his hands, and a big shiny Ken car his sister gave him on top of one of his "gloves". Don't miss the clearly essential brown shoelace (rope? lasso?) hanging over his right arm. His loss of vision was a price he was obviously willing to pay in order to achieve that monstrous villain look.


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