September 3, 2008

S'FMtY: Mom and Me pics

I suffer from the disability of being fashion-challenged. But when you consider my childhood, can you blame me? I present this photo as exhibit A:

I was about 10 in this picture, so my mom was still picking out my clothes. I will confess that I added the bow. I think it really helps this outfit, don't you?
Lest you think this fashion choice was a one-time event, I present exhibit B:

This is Easter of the same year. I know that back in the day, "Mommy and Me" dresses were the thing, but these dresses aren't alike. They don't even really match. But both of these dresses were bought together, to be worn together. Until I outgrew my dress, whenever my mom wore her dress, I wore mine. At the time, I don't think I realized that the dresses didn't match. You have to admit, though, those side-swept feathered bangs are lovely. This was a year before my mom decided that I was old enough to start having my bangs permed so that I could have a "top" to my hair. You know, to detract from my round face. Because nothing slims a face so much as a frizzy rat's nest atop one's head. My mom still perms her bangs (and the rest of her hair) for that reason. She continually tries to get me to have "a top cut to curl and fluff up a bit," but I resist. Aren't you glad?
A side note: ten years later, I wore my mom's dress for a college costume party. I went as "Edna the Librarian." Put my hair in a bun, add a sweater and glasses - instant dork. The sad thing is that the dress was still hanging in my mom's closet with her church clothes. And 8 years later, it still is. Thankfully, she hasn't worn the dress for a while. But she keeps threatening to go back to Weight Watchers, so you never know...
For all of those who will now enter therapy as a result of seeing these pictures, I apologize. To have even more to recover from, check out We are THAT Family!


  1. Oh my, I think I need to visit the bathroom now. I laughed so hard!!! :) You're Mom seems like a wonderful lady even if she has bad fashion taste!!! :)

    My Fro Post is There is a snake on my foot!

  2. Oh my kids are going to make big fun of me someday because I am with your mama, I totally dress us alike! Matching sweaters and skirts shirts and so on...

  3. A top to you hair? Ha!

    I like the fact that your mom put so much thought into it and wanted you two to look alike. I think she looks like a proud Momma and you look like a pretty sweet kid.


  4. Oh my gosh I have the same dress! Sad to say I was an adult when I wore it. Can't blame mom for that one. Thanks for sharing.

    *Ya think the 3 of us can go get our pictures taken in them?!!

  5. OK, so maybe she didn't have the greatest fashion sense, but your Mom obviously loves you a lot!

    BTW, my husband answered your question on my blog.

  6. There are no words.

    Well, there are, but I can't type well when I'm laughing so hard!

    Thanks, I really needed that!

  7. See now we get to torture our children by dressing them up in clothes they will blog about later in life!

  8. I think I might have to sneak in her closet if I were you. Maybe a dress burning is in order.

  9. I always wondered what that particular kind of hair cut was called, thanks for the info, so I can avoid it as well. :)

  10. WOW. Sho' is a lot of flowers in those dresses! A LOT!

    Love the bangs and the glasses.

  11. Those Easter dresses kill me! I had a few of those too, LOL!


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