July 13, 2008

How to Celebrate a Birthday

Start the day by eating a birthday donut from Dunkin' Donuts off of the birthday plate (being nice to Mommy and letting her have the coffee that comes with the donut - optional).
While eating the birthday donut, survey the assortments of gifts bought for you in honor of your being alive.
If a particular present captures your attention, refuse the rest of the donut and play with the present instead.
After playing with presents, go to the playground and slide down the slide (try to avoid getting turned around on the slide's curve - headfirst down a slide is not good). Go to a favorite fast-food chain to eat the favorite meal of chicken nuggets and french fries. Try to see how many tiny buckets of ketchup you can use during the meal.
Go to the local aviation museum to look at the "car planes".
Top off the perfect day by making the near-daily trip to Target to look at toys to buy with birthday money.

Pictures of the second birthday party to follow shortly!


  1. He's not a baby anymore - he's a little man! Turning 2 does things to babies!

  2. Happy belated Birthday to Caleb! I'll have to get together with you soon to get you his birthday present- or I can just bring it to Bible study.


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