June 21, 2008

A-Z Me Meme

Heather tagged me with this meme (actually, she tagged everybody on her blogroll).
A: Attached or single? Attached for 6 years as of tomorrow.
B: Best friends: DH is obviously one, as are Z and Kim
C: Cake or pie? depends on my mood. Apple pie is my favorite pie, and the mulit-layer yellow cake with chocolate icing that Kim's mom makes is my favorite cake.
D: Day of choice? Saturday. That's the day we tend to spend together as a family.
E: Essential item? I'm assuming this means an item that I don't need in order to live, like water or air, so I'll say money. With money, I can buy gas for my car, to take me to the coffee store, to buy coffee, to sip while I browse books to buy...
F: Favorite color? Lavender, with pink running a close second.
G: Gummy bears or worms? Bears, but I do love the sour worms.
H: Hometown? I was born in Homestead, FL
I: Favorite indulgence? coffee
J: January or July? I prefer the colder January weather, but BB's birthday is in July.
K: Kids? 1 sweet little boy
L: Life isn't complete without....? My family.
M: Marriage date? June 22, 2002
N: Number of brothers & sisters? I'm adopted, so my answer depends on how you look at it: my adopted parents didn't have any other children, so I'm technically an only child. However, my birth mom had another daughter, and my birth dad had two more daughters, so in a way, I have 3 sisters.
O: Oranges or apples? Apples.
P: Phobias? roaches, large crowds of people, fire
Q: Quotes: I have collected quotes in a journal for the past 11 years; it is impossible for me to pick my favorite.
R: Reason to smile? My little boy
S: Season? Fall
T: Tag 5 People: Z, Leah, Melissa, and Jason (Kim).
U: Unknown facts: This is known to those who know me personally, but I had Kawasaki's Syndrome as a kid. As a result, my aortic and my mitral valves don't close completely.
V: Veggie? Carrots.
W: Worst habit: I'm horribly indecisive.
X: X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound. Why would anyone pick an x-ray?
Y: Your favorite food? I really don't know. To me, favorite implies that you can eat it again and again without getting tired of it, and there is no food like that for me. I hate leftovers, and I don't want to eat something that I've eaten recently.
Z: Zinc or sunscreen? Sunscreen.


  1. Roaches...ewww. I always tell my husband that if I EVER see a roach, we will have to move. He thinks I'm kidding, but he's wrong.

    I love quotes too!

    Have you ever met any of your biological siblings?

    It's funny, because you don't strike me as an indecisive person at all. But of course, we've never actually met! From your writing voice, I just think you seem very sure of yourself.

  2. Heather:so far, we've see about 1 roach a year here; DH tells me that they're outside roaches that just got in. That I can handle, but if we ever have an infestation, I'm moving back in with my parents!
    To make a really long story short, my birth mom and my adoptive mom are sisters, so my adopted mom and dad are my biological aunt and uncle. Which means that my sister my birth mom had is also my cousin, so I have kept in contact with her. In fact, I was her matron of honor in her wedding last November. I've never met my birth dad's kids. My birth dad has kept tabs on me through my birth mom and rare calls to my adoptive parents, but I've never spoken to him.
    I am decisive when it comes to things I love and hate, but if I have to choose what restaurant to eat at, I'm hopeless.

  3. I'm with you on the being horribly indecisive. Or maybe I'm not. No I am. Oh forget it, I can't decide.

  4. I enjoyed reading your list. I too have a terrible time making final decisinos. I'd much rather throw out all the options and have someone else decide for me.


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