May 27, 2008

AAAAA!!! Deer!, Part 3

This is Part 3 in the series. Here is Part 1 and here is Part 2.

Last time, help had finally arrived for our heroine, only to depart into the woods. Will the deer survive?

At this point, I start to think that perhaps I wouldn't be in this situation if the hunter/deputy hadn't been scaring the deer out of the woods and onto the road with his hunting. I stand by the side of the road watching the spot in the woods where the hunter/deputy disappeared. I listen for a gunshot, but the night air is silent. I turn around and go back to my car and lean against the door. I check my cell phone to see how many service bars I have in this part of the country. I call DH and my dad to let them know that I've been in an accident but that I'm okay and damage to my car appears minimal. I finally begin to hear a siren off in the distance. A sheriff's car pulls up, followed by an ambulance. I check my cell phone's clock and see that it's been almost 30 minutes since 911 was called. Emergency personnel get out of the ambulance and come towards the wreck. A second police car pulls up from the opposite direction and the two police cars set out to block off our portion of the road with flashing lights.

One of the officers asks what happened and I'm just about to explain the events when the driver of the other car gets out. Up until now, she has been sitting in her car, doing God-knows-what. She is now limping and holding her knee. I think “oh, how convenient,” but I say nothing. The law enforcement officers are immediately concerned about her injury, asking her if it hurts much and can she walk on it. The ambulance personnel start examining her.

At this moment, multiple cars with various needs of repair pull up, and several people get out of each vehicle. They start hollering at the other driver to see if she's okay. One of them approaches an officer and begins to tell him just exactly what happened, even though this person wasn't there when the accident happened. It quickly becomes obvious that these people should not have driven themselves over here, as a few have problems walking in a straight line. The other driver points in my direction and tells them something I can't hear. This gets their attention turned towards me, and they begin trying to confront me about the accident. [In case my readers have forgotten, I was rear-ended. To the best of my knowledge, being rear-ended typically means that the person who hits the other vehicle is at fault. But this is apparently not the case here]

One of the officers talks to the drunk people and tries to calm them down. The other officer hands me a clipboard and tells me to sit inside his car and write down what happened in my own words. At first I'm confused as to why I have to sit inside a police car, but when the officer locks his car and leans against the car door, I realize that he's doing this for my own protection. I try to clear my head and write coherently, but it's difficult when great big rednecks keep yelling and pointing in my direction. What happens next? Does our heroine ever get out of the police car? Does a redneck riot ensue? Find out in the next episode!


  1. This is captivating, Heather! Please let the next one be the conclusion :)

  2. Oh, but it's a LONG story, Steve! I believe I've read some very long multi-posts from you before. :) It'll either be one or two more posts before the tale is through.

  3. Blast! Slain by my own arrows! Ok, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

    In the interim - are you guys in need of prayer over what happened here? Must not be, or you would have hurried this along and made it one hecka-long Steve-style post :)

  4. No, but that's so sweet of you to think of that! This is a telling of the wreck that I had in November 2003. The beginning of part 1 explained that, but I can see how your brain could have glazed over that fact.

  5. Ah, yes, I remember reading the first part and having the impression that it was something long past, but I lost that impression somewhere along the way.

    Good to know that the furry worker of iniquity that caused this whole thing has probably been through someone's stew and then his/her bowels by now.


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