April 30, 2008

Better than Baby Bunny Butt...

My cat (who lives with my parents) looks forward to Spring because that is when the succulent baby bunnies are in season. She happily hunts the poor dears down and deposits the back half on my parent's doorstep. Whenever she is so fortunate (?) to catch one, she is smug for days. What I found today wasn't nearly so gross, but on first look you might think that we have a serious rat problem.

Actually we do have a rat, but it's only one rat. We believe it's a boy rat, and our best guesses place him at around 3 feet tall and 30 pounds. Apparently, BB got several handfuls of raisins, chewed them, and spit them out. I was not amused. Here is the little rat picking the raisins up...

...and throwing them away.

At least he willingly cleans up his messes!

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