March 9, 2008

Monday Menu

We're still feeling the budget crunch of the car bill, so this week I'm going to do more cleaning out of the pantry and freezer! Thank goodness that I usually have both well-stocked.

Monday – ham, carrots, salad – Kroger is having a sale on ham, with additional savings on the ham if you also purchase 4 12-packs of Coca-cola (which I was already going to buy, since they are on sale this week and DH must have Vault). My total price for the ham was $1.22/LB. The ham is precooked and spiral sliced, so I feel like I got a pretty good deal. I'll keep some out for sandwiches, and divide the rest into smaller packages and freeze for soups, etc.

Tuesday – beef bourgeois stew, bread and salad. I made the stew last month during a soup and stew fit. We still have one container left in the freezer. I will attempt to make some yeast bread (I already have all of the ingredients for this in the pantry), and top it off with the rest of the salad, as this stew is low on vegetables.

Wednesday – Chicken and rice, mixed vegetables – I bought several packages of boneless skinless chicken a while back when it went on sale for $1.69 a pound. I froze one package and cooked the rest several different ways and then froze. I'll combine this with a couple cans of cream of chicken and celery soup to go along with the ever-present rice in the pantry. To add some nutrition, I'll add a can of NSA mixed vegetables that I bought a while back to make into BB baby food but never did.

Thursday – French toast with turkey bacon. We never use the entire loaf of sandwich bread before it molds. I usually freeze half of the loaf, but this time I'm going to make a batch of French toast with half of the loaf and freeze what we don't eat. The leftover French toast reheats beautifully in the toaster, and will be a nice change of pace for BB's breakfast on a few mornings.

Friday – quesadillas with beans and rice. We had tacos week before last, and we still have leftover tortillas. I will use these, and thaw out some of the beans and rice that I made last week to accompany.

Saturday – not cooking; most likely, we will be visiting my husband's side of the family this weekend.

Sunday – leftovers or fend-for-yourself.

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