March 7, 2008

50 Things About Me

As this is my 50th post, I thought I'd do a 50 Things About Me meme...

  1. I'm adopted and was raised as an only child, although I have a sister that I'm in contact with.

  2. My favorite colors are lavender and pink.

  3. I'm 5'4”, but when I was a kid, my pediatrician told my mom that based on the growth charts, I'd be around 6' when I was grown (think you missed that one, doc).

  4. I've always wanted to live in New England, and have never wanted to live in the South. I've spent my whole life in the South.

  5. I love coffee, but only if it comes made from a coffee store.

  6. Until I met DH, I wrote poetry, stories, and songs.

  7. I collect Currier and Ives dishes, and Cherry Ames books.

  8. As a kid, I took piano, guitar, clarinet, gymnastics, ballet, ceramics, etiquette, voice, and sewing lessons. I only stayed with the piano.

  9. I have a near obsession with Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

  10. My dream car is a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500.

  11. I have had 10 pets. I've since determined that I'm not a pet person.

  12. One of my first celebrity crushes was Mel Gibson (really embarrassing).

  13. I hate going to the eye doctor and dentist.

  14. My dad's maternal side of the family came over on the Mayflower.

  15. I wanted to be an astronaut until I saw the Challenger explode.

  16. I HATE glitter! I won't keep a card if it has too much glitter on it. When I was a teacher, I never did craft projects that called for glitter.

  17. When I read a book that I like, it's like the movie of the book is playing in my mind. I rarely see movies based on books that I like because the movie can never compare with my mental movie.

  18. I can't stand to watch horror or suspense movies. My overactive imagination gets the best of me every time.

  19. Outback is my favorite restaurant. I've gone there every year for my birthday for the past 13 years.

  20. I had an imaginary friend named Kunga until I went to kindergarten. She was from Africa, and her dad was the chief of her village. When I was asked how she came to America, I would say the missionaries brought her back.

  21. Shots don't bother me, but I get squeamish about having my blood taken. I think it's the fact that the needle stays in for so long.

  22. I've often thought that I would like to have lived in the 1940's.

  23. I want to live in Ireland.

  24. I was the chubby kid with braces and glasses in school who had to go to speech AND physical therapy.

  25. I've met George Strait and Fred Durst (not at the same time).

  26. I hate seafood. I'm from Florida.

  27. Deep Blue Something's song “Breakfast at Tiffany's” got me interested in Audrey Hepburn.

  28. I do my best writing on a yellow legal pad.

  29. I want to visit Israel and England.

  30. I can't stand to hear someone chew their food.

  31. I have an irrational fear of butterflies and horses.

  32. I am distantly related to both Ethan Allen (the Revolutionary war hero) and Al Capone (the gangster).

  33. I have moved over 12 times.

  34. My first favorite toy was a stuffed Snoopy that I took everywhere. I called him “Foofee.”

  35. I think Unalaska is about the coolest name ever for a place and I want to go there.

  36. Some kids play “Barbie gets married.” I reenacted history with my dolls. My favorite was the Spanish Inquisition and Joan of Arc. It's a good thing I wasn't allowed to play with matches.

  37. Mountain Dew is my favorite drink when I'm having a bad day.

  38. I love Broadway plays, but I've only seen “Phantom of the Opera.” I used to have it completely memorized.

  39. I have had 2 volunteer jobs and 6 paid jobs.

  40. I don't like “The Princess Bride.”

  41. I have often wanted to attend church of a denomination that had more reverent and elaborate worship services. I think that the move towards casual in my denomination (and in others) takes something away from the set-apartness of going to church. I cannot, however, reconcile myself to the other denominational beliefs.

  42. I met DH in biology class. Our anniversary is 9/11.

  43. I prefer to only eat the red M&M's. They taste better.

  44. My current house is 936 square feet and 7 rooms. I pray earnestly that my next house is bigger by at least 100%.

  45. I love to plan and organize things.

  46. I was a psych major in college until I met DH and decided that I'd rather have a bachelor's in education and a wedding ring than a doctorate in psych.

  47. I'd like to participate in community theater, but I'll probably have to wait until BB is older.

  48. I've wanted to get a tattoo for as long as I can remember. I don't have one.

  49. I dislike wearing makeup and taking the time to fix my hair. I really do think that I could shave my head and be fine with it (although DH would NOT be okay with that!).

  50. It is really hard coming up with 50 facts. I'm going to go ahead and start my 100 now...


  1. I also hate horror movies and glitter, and I cracked up when I pictured you reenacting the Spanish Inquisition with your Barbies. OMG! My stomach hurts from laughing.

    I did one of these posts too, back in January, and it was tough. I must be too boring, because I couldn't really think of 50 things about myself. How sad.

  2. Ok, from now on I am using Josh's acct 'cause it's too much trouble trying to remember my password just for commenting on your blog! You know, you CAN make it where people who DON'T have google/blogger accts can comment and use their own url...just a suggestion.

    Anyways,I loved reading this! I somehow missed this post when you wrote it. #24 was my favorite! I laughed and laughed- I never thought of you that way! (Z)


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