March 13, 2008

5 Things To Do Meme

Josh over at The Smoak House tagged me with this meme, in which I must list 5 non-work related things I have to do this week. Seeing how housekeeping and childcare are my work, it was tough to come up with a list. But here goes...
1. Finish quilting my quilt. I am currently working on a lap-size quilt. I'm almost done with the quilting part. I usually only work on the quilt when I'm watching something, which brings me to...
2. Go to the library and get some movies to watch. I'm trying to not watch actual TV programs, because there's really nothing that I can justify watching. We don't have cable, and what comes on network TV is, for the most part, trash. So I'll look at the library for some G or PG movies to watch while I quilt my quilt.
3. Find things for yard sale. My friend Z mentioned an upcoming yard sale at her house, so I'm going to try to find some things to part with. The annual book sale for the library is coming up, as is Mossy Creek (a local arts/crafts fair), so I want to come up with some spending money for those events.
4. Work on my Bible study assignment. I attend a Friday morning Bible study at Kim's church. The Bible study leader assigns an impossible amount of work to do. This week I have 11 pages of verses to look up and comment about. At times likes these, I really wish we had high-speed internet instead of dial-up. I could look up those verses fast at Bible Gateway.
5. Go to Gottwals books. There are several gift-giving occasions coming up, I'm strapped for cash, and I have a store credit at Gottwals. Sounds like a no-brainer to me! Good thing none of the people I have to buy for read this blog...
Now for the fun part - tagging. I'm tagging 152 Insights Into My Soul, because I'm tired of seeing "It's Official" as her most current post.


  1. We went through a phase where we got movies from the library. we should do that again.

    We watched alot of Star Trek: The Next Generation that way.

  2. Josh tagged you for a meme? That wasn't very nice of him.

  3. I actually like memes, so anybody can feel free to tag me with them. I think memes are fun, interesting ways to find out things about people - not to mention an easy post!

  4. I am reading your blog and my birthday is in 12 days... but I highly doubt you would buy me a book. But if you do... it may be a good one. at any rate I just wanted to let you know I payed attention! I love you and miss you! XoXo


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